Roasted all the veggies and a can of garbanzos, all coated with balsamic and olive oil. Add the rest of the vegetables, the thyme and the chicken or vegetable stock and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. LOVED it! I've tended to leave it at … Love it! You get nice, mellow, buttery garlic to add to the soup, and it won’t burn. cheers! There wasn’t much that I could eat at the buffet but this soup was simply memorable!!!! Hold back a small portion of the tomatoes after roasting, dice them, and then gently mix into the post-pureed soup to provide some touches of red. But I would pop the whole thing in, surely. I really mean that. That soup looks delicious! On that note, Deb, while I was reading about your conversation with your mother, it occurred to me that a fitting spice for this recipe–what I probably would have exclaimed, while talking to her–must be garam masala (available in Indian/Pakistani grocery stores or, which you can make yourself, at home (! A spicier riff: As I mentioned above, if you like to play with spices, this soup has a lot of potential. I did this with whatever I had in the kitchen, which meant cinnamon, fresh mint, and a dollop of creme fraiche. And. Now…ratatouille, or this delectable looking soup? Will have to give this a try since we are fast approaching soup and stew weather in the Midwest. I know you may never read this but…. Set aside; Prepare Soup: Heat 2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil in … Inspired by one of Ottolenghi’s recipes (Bulger with tomato aubergine and preserved lemon), I used 1 1/4 tsp ground allspice in place of the thyme. ?” “Yup… Smitten Kitchen.” “Niiice,” she responded. Deb, this looks fab. I then used the immersion blender a second time to really blend in the tahini and vegenaise. And red pepper flakes. Taste and adjust the salt, if necessary, then chill. 1/4 cup heavy cream (you can add more to taste, or skip this entirely) But then summer comes and they’re still mealy and pale. The insides are pretty easy to clean but the outsides, ick. The main difference was no tomatos. Thanks for your tips and advice! seeds from 1 pomegranate Super Yummy! If I’m not day dreaming about getting the time and occasion to make your recipes, I’m chuckling at the witty comments or oohing and aahing over the pictures. The lemon makes a HUGE difference. It is absolutely amazing. Is it because the soup will have those tiny dark flakes from the skin after being puréed? and am considering a third. I used croutons instead. We left it chunky for us, but baby adored it pureed and couldn’t get enough! I added 2 red peppers to the mix, and more garlic. Which reference to your mention of something chocolate or cheese, I hope there’ll be a chocolate dessert recipe soon… Hah! We had a few cups of it left over but the heavy cream separated and it looked so gross the next day! Why thank you but I have All-Clad Master Chef 2 series for everyday use and can assure that they look terrible, almost irrevocably mottled, once they’ve been run through the dishwasher a few times. Pour the infusion into a bowl containing the yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and some salt. I suspect I’m not the only one with aluminum roasting pans that look 100 years old after being washed three times. Deb – I added a tablespoon of cumin & 1/2 tablespoon of cayenne, as well as a pound of chopped sausage. Woman asks boyfriend to pick up eggplant. smoked paprika. It’s a lot of work, but that would be a killer vegetable soup broth (I used half chicken stock, half veggie, both unsalted). Eating it again for lunch today! I am trying it. What about those heavier duty baking sheets from Willian Sonoma and such? Cut the eggplant … yum! but today i thought i was going to have to break down until i saw this recipe. Using spoon, remove eggplant meat from skin. It is put out by a commercial company called Au Bonne Pain. It’s become my new base for making creamy pesto dressing too, and I’m sure will be used for a bunch more foodstuffs when I get around to it too. I love the shots, side by side, of the roasted veggies before and after. Oh goodness, those two photos of the fresh then roasted vegetables are gorgeous! Next, once the eggplant and tomatoes are done roasting, remove from oven. Awesome soup! Thanks for the recipe! I did add the cumin and coriander and they are great! The avocado really makes it a winner, as it adds a tang and creaminess. I didn’t use the spices I suggested but still felt it had a much more rich flavor, more intensity and texture. Here’s a link to an eggplant soup from the Wisconsin cheese website. re dishwasher powders and aluminum: if there’s acidic ingredients in it, it does interact with aluminum. Notes/Results: This soup tastes of summer and is an excellent way to use up a bunch of zucchini and basil if you grow them or are lucky enough to know someone with an overstocked garden. (Or, if you have an immersion blender, you can do this in the pot.) and sprinkled salt and freshly cracked pepper on the vegetables before roasting, in addition to post-blending. Thanks! And this from one who rarely eats eggplant….thought I didn’t like it, but now I do! Never tried roasted eggplant and then souping them together. Thanks for sharing, I love eggplant :). I am going to make this tonight to try and induce my labor, this is a great alternative to eggplant parmesan! I adore it. Roast in preheated oven until very tender and brown in spots, 45 minutes. By way of breaking the cycle – I think I’ll make this yummy for soup for dinner tonight! I feel like this eggplant salad is unleashing my Ottolenghi within. I didn’t have time to pick up goat cheese, which would have been amazing, but it came out great regardless. I like the idea of tahini, and maybe a spoonful of sour cream or yoghurt on top. I made this soup and LOVED it. I made this last night and in addition to adding the suggested coriander and cumin during the simmer phase I roasted a fennel bulb with the other vegetables in the oven. I had this soup yesterday in a hospital snack bar. or lemony tahina and sprinkle generously — more artistry — with choppedf fresh herbs (chives, parsley, basil, mint or cilantro if you like it, depending on what spices you have used), and/or croutons and/or toasted walnuts or pine nuts. I took your suggestion and added cumin and some Chile pepper spice, and a small squeeze of lemon juice. Nothing touches the flavor of a whole roasted garlic head. You can only imagine the smile that bubbled over into a laugh when the home page brought up this delightful recipe. It is divine. It’s almost the perfect time of year. We are going into Spring here so eggplants and every vegetable you can think of are in the markets and waiting for me to think of a new way to have them cooked ! Thanks for the wonderful recipe and great photos! Many thanks, and this was a terrific way to use our CSA box ingredients. Left out the cream added 1 tsp cumin and I tsp coriander seed ground as suggested-. Deb, as long as you’re easing into fall with soup, have you tried a mulligatawny soup yet? This is not at all due to your photography which is always fantastic. We did pretty much exactly as the last two readers did. Thank you! Kudos on your blog!, I also enjoy your baby food section. ), and the spices are very similar to this recipe. I love the flavor of fennel and thought it might add a nice anise/peppery flavor. I loved this recipe; I went with the feta, and also added a fennel bulb. I added 2 tsp cumin as well as parsley leaves and feta crumbled plus a handful of chickpeas – SO YUMMY! I got the idea from a little family-owned Thai restaurant near my home in Memphis, where they make a spicy eggplant soup. The end result was DELICIOUS ! I didn’t mind the color at all – but then I am a blended soup person and that tends to happen. Thought you might enjoy. Woman and boyfriend think “that’ll probably work too.” Woman adds recommended cumin, pepperflakes and lemon. I made this tonight alongside the Taco recipe that was back on page 2 of this blog!!! *What is it? The texture was quite heavy without it, and the flavors would have been dulled by anything besides the goat cheese, which proceeded to melt in and give it all the creaminess it could handle. So, yeah, quite similar, but more on the simple side, emphasizing the eggplant. Then I removed the rosemary, pureed everything and added 125 ml cream. I just borrowed Sara Foster’s Market Cookbook from our library and liked the looks of her Roasted Eggplant and Red Pepper Soup (p 80) so was really surprised when I saw your recipe for and eggplant soup too! I found your recipe yesterday and made the soup as outlined for last night’s supper, but WITHOUT the cream and cheese. I’ve made this 3 times now exactly as writted except without any cheese at the end. Make it 3 teaspoons of cumin. There is approximately 2 days out of the year when it’s cold enough in Honolulu that savory hot soup sounds enticing and today is one of them (snow, pleease!). (Obviously next time I’ll have to insist my mother carry specimen cups in her purse when visiting a casino. I added a bit of cumin and it really brought the soup together nicely! Add smoky paprika with other spice suggestions. and adding smoked paprika helps with the spiciness and improves the color. I know that such things are to taste, particularly in soup, but a range would be nice. I wished I liked eggplant! I’ll try it out soon. Somewhat of a hot and sour soup that went fantastically well with noodles. I made this last night upon eyeballing the ingredients and realizing that I already had everything at home (this never happens). Place the eggplant slices on a roasting tray, brush with plenty of olive oil on both sides and sprinkle with salt and pepper. The roasted red peppers gave it a really sweet taste. I have been trying to re-create it and the spices I know they had for sure were fresh rosemary and oregano. Put two fried eggplant cubes. eggplant and garlic are awesome together! What a great fall soup! Can’t wait to see which recipe of theirs you’ll share… If I remember correctly, the chef topped it with a drizzle of creme fraiche. This needs to change asap ;). Made this last winter and I just received my organic garden share with tomatoes, eggplant and onions – even a bud of garlic. I actually made this soup from an All Recipes recipe a couple days ago. You say in your recipe to use the eggplant without skin – why? Mille grazie e mangiamo! This was DELICIOUS!!!!!! I’m late, but here’s what I did so that the garlic did not burn – don’t peel it before roasting – just put the whole cloves in the roasting pan. If you add any spices or made any changes, I’d love to hear what you came up with in the comments. I love making soup. It’s true, there’s still eggplant and tomatoes in the markets here too. What I particularly like is that you use all the fun food that are in season. More people would like it if it didn’t turn that icky color. You should roast the aubergines whole under broil/ grill next time. Big mystery to me. “Cumin!” I shouted over my mother’s talking. Thanks. My first thought was to take the garlic, drizzle with oil and wrap in aluminum foil when roasting. I think a thick soup is perfect for these much more mellow Fall days! I totally agree about eggplant soup not being the prettiest color….but your soup sounds so delish I am walking outside right now to pick the last two eggplants from our tree. Who knew? You’ll probably never read this anyway. I made this soup tonight and loved it. I was looking for an eggplant soup recipe and am so glad to find it here. with a little of lemon thyme and pepper flakes. Mayo I’ve been sneaking tastes all afternoon. over the top tasty! This recipe looks soooo good…. It turned out fabs! Awesomeness. A killer recipe adapted from London veggie (and fruit) gurus Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s new cookbook, Jerusalem . I love this soup – I was looking for a way to use leftover curried eggplant (my husband always makes too much! And right now is the perfect time to be making it. My other difference from the recipe was whole milk not heavy cream. And I ended up throwing it all away–no one wanted to eat it. The only changes I make are (1) I add balsamic vin. xo, Nan. It’s so silly when you stop to think about it. When I first heard that Yotam Ottolenghi and Sammi Tamimi were coming out with Jerusalem, I pre-ordered it, watched all the YouTube videos from Jerusalem On A Plate, and waited eagerly for two months. But then, thank goodness, I said this to myself: “Zzzzz!” and also “pbbbblt!” Because if I put myself to sleep with all of this hand-wringing, I can only imagine how few of you will make it past paragraph one. Oooh, if you do cumin and coriander, you might as well go a little Indian with it and add ginger and a bay leaf. Olive Oil. I’m vegan so I used “shoshana kleiman”‘s advice and substituted tahini paste for the cream. Preparation. Made for a very warm, cozy flavor, Back when I was living with my mom, she had a big aluminun pot we used to cook – it always turned an ugly shade of grey after cooking something with tomatoes, or wine, etc. IMO, the carbonized flavor would be terrific in this soup. Husband- who is a food snob but will try anything- liked it as well. Add the diced+peeled tomatoes, sugar, lemon juice, garlic, vegetable broth, water, salt, pepper and eggplant. The saltiness adds something nice. this sounds great, especially since you top it with goat cheese:-). I did not roast the garlic but used it instead to make taqliyya (minced garlic sauted with coriander and salt–a common addition to Middle Eastern soups), which I added after I pureed the soup. YUM! Preheat oven to 400°F. we love it!! I garnish with cubed Panela cheese and pepitas. In fact for that very reason, the pictures never made it from flickr to my blog — I just couldn’t decide if I liked it enough or not. Regardless of the date on the calendar, to an eggplant, lover a good recipe is never wasted. 1 Tbsp. It was awesome! Today she made shrimp potato chowder….to die for! Written by two members of the Yotam Ottolenghi cookbook team, Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley, the book shares 100 modern and contemporary recipes that have been reworked in the Ottolenghi test kitchen for the … Your email address will not be published. It was silky and GREAT! Only one thing I need to change for next time is less/smaller onion. The fruit added a natural sweetness. I’d skip the cream, because I think the tahini would add nice texture along as well as providing a nuttier, richer flavor. Cook on a simmer for about 15 minutes. There are still beautiful produce items like zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes and peppers available at farmers markets and I sometimes hesitate to use them because they seem “too summery” for October. Try burnt butter with thyme on top just before serving. It tastes awesome. 2/ Preheat the oven to 220 degrees. Preheat oven to 400F. I, too, have eggplant on the brain. Meanwhile, put the lentils on to cook with a bayleaf. Hey, this is a great soup! But this is how I made it: Roast veggies as suggested in the recipe (although I was more generous with the olive oil and I also seasoned the eggplants with some dried garlic); meanwhile, chop up 1 large carrot, 1 thick slice of celery root, 1 celery stick, fry in some olive oil until lightly browned, add 1/2 finely chopped chili, 1 l water, 1 bay leave, some black peppercorns, 1 mace, some parsley sprigs, and salt and simmered this until the roasted veggies could come out of the oven.